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• 3/22/2015

Read This all Live Chat Users!


1.) No Spamming

2.) No Hostility towards Others in Chat

3.) No Unneccesary Banning or Kicking.

4.) You May Curse Openly

If these rules are broken:

1st offence, Banned for 2 hours

2nd Offence, Banned for 1 Day

3rd Offence, Live Chat is Disabled for 10 Minutes

and So on.

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• 3/23/2015

Wait wait wait. When I read the rules on the main page, it said no cursing.

• 3/23/2015
I think that cursing should only be allowed in Live Chat
• 3/23/2015

Then we should clarify C=

Sun, Ivy and I had a riot in chat XD

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