Ashstar's FanFiction Edit

Chapter 1

"I was abandoned as a kit, my. mother didn't bother to take care of my three sisters and I, we were a total accident to her. Our father ran when he Figured out our mother was pregnant." Ashstar began breathing in deeply, her face illuminated by the soft rays of the Sun streaming in through the camp entrance Where you both sat. She was guarding the Camp from the occasional dog or rogue that stroll in. "I Tried to take care of my sisters, our eyes were barely open when we were abandoned. I nicknamed my sisters black and White, because they were complete opposites."

Chapter 2

You thought you heard a chuckle from Ashstar as she paused, as if she were in deep thought. "Black was our older sister, a jet black she cat with bright, almost translucent, white eyes. She Only had one white mark, on the tip of her tail. White was as white as soot on the other hand, she was light gray, white slightly darker gray spots and dark gray stripes along the spots. Her eyes were a saffron color, bright amber with a darker inner ring. Our third sister was called Leap, she could jump higher than any one of us could. She was our younger sister,an odd, ginger color that was possibly inherited from our mysterious father. She had calm, sea green eyes and a smooth, caring voice. Black had a sharp tongue and a set of even sharper claws, she would slice Your ear off if you weren't careful!" You noticed Ashstar? shift as she said Leap, "Leap was the first to die of the four of us, one day we were out exploring, searching for food as normally was done, then a large tom cat came from around a bend in the gray twoleg path that Leap, Black, White and I explored. He was an ugly, mangled looking tortoishell tom, his tortoishell markings had faint, almost invisible stripes, and many scars. He hissed and snarled letting out a slight growl. As this growl grew stronger, Black became unsettled, she reared up to strike the Tom's eyes and nose, the tom saw this and struck out a paw, the massive paw was aiming for her skull, Leap had leaped in, sacraficing herself for a snappy, beetle brained she cat."

Chapter 3

Ashstar sighed as she stared at her paws, the fur had been slightly tinted red with blood from another story.\